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Nov. 30, 2023 11:58 PM

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Mooseheart Poker Run 2020

Event Rules
  1. The Poker Run will occur on the date advertised, rain or shine. If the Poker Run is cancelled for whatever reason, PRE-registrants will be notified. It will also be posted on Facebook pages and website here. Should it be cancelled, any fees received from PRE-registrants will be refunded.
  2. All Riders & Drivers must have and produce a valid driver license. Rider's D/L must also contain a motorcycle endorsement, if required in the issuing state. HINT: All 50 states require a motorcycle designation on their D/L!
  3. Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age. Riders(motorcycle operators), drivers(motor vehicle operators) and passengers of either may participate. All who wish to participate and vie for any prizes must register.
  4. Each registrant must sign a hold harmless agreement between themselves and the host of this event, MHPR 2020, Inc. This is required for insurance and liability purposes and will be provided at registration the day of the event.
  5. The standard - Rules of Poker - will apply for determining the best and worst hands. These rules can be found online here. You can also download a .PDF of the same rules page here. There are NO WILD CARDS!
  6. Participants are recommended to follow list of stops in the order they are presented as each stop will only be open certain hours, conducive to their place in the list of stops, and times participants may be expected to arrive at stop.
  7. In order to be considered for any prizes, registrant must present the provided score sheet:
    (a)properly marked by volunteers at each stop . . .
    (b)each stop will have the card drawn written into correct square on form and initialled by volunteer . .
    (c)each volunteer at each stop will have their own assigned stamp that must also appear in the box next to the drawn card.
    (d)registrant must initial each entry after staffer has marked scorecard. You are certifying the correct card you chose was recorded. There can be no changes later.
    (e)if you draw the same card you already drew previously, guess what? You draw again. There can be no dupes.

    Stamp - Card Drawn - Initials
    Each of these items must be marked on score card. It would behoove each and every registrant to insure these items appear on scorecard to insure their scorecard is not disqualified.
  8. In the event of a tie, winner will be determined as prescribe in the aforementioned - Rules of Poker.
    Should for some reason a tie persist, a simple coin toss will decide winner.
  9. If for whatever the reason, a registrant is missing a card(s) in their scorecard, they may purchase a drawn card at the place designated to turn in their scorecards. This drawn card(s) will cost $5 each, over and above any other costs. This service is only available to registrants who have visited at least ONE poker run stop and their poker run scorecard is properly marked as outlined in these rules.
  10. If for no other reason, a registrant wishes to participate but cannot visit any of the designated poker run stops, they may register for the standard registration fee for riders/drivers plus a $15 surcharge. This can be done at any time registration is available up to and including the place where all scorecards are turned in at the end of the Poker Run.
  11. An inaugural patch has been created to commemorate this event. Each of the first 50 registrants shall receive this patch free with their paid registration. This is offered only to riders/drivers, not passengers. All others may purchase this patch if they so desire. Only 100 patches have been created. You are strongly urged to register early as possible. It is important to NOTE: Only the first 50 PAID registrants will receive patch.

  12. Any questions please submit a Contact Form.
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